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By tafr_admin
So #TAFR decided to probe one of the world's largest hotel chains, namely Hilton and put their promise to the test.

The Best Price Guarantee is a promise they market as "It's simple, right? Booking directly with Hilton is quick, easy and guarantees best value.." where they boast they'll not only match any rate but beat it by twenty five percent, but we found the experience to be quite different. Essentially you need to make a booking within twenty four hours and meet the following criteria for fair comparison;

Same Hotel
Same Room Type
Same Dates
Same Cancellation Policy
Price / Booking Available on a Public Page
Language of said 'Page' be in a Supported Language

Let's look at that last point first of all, a supported language or as is most likely the case American English which is frankly ridiculous for a global brand such as Hilton. So alright in fairness they probably qualify more than just English as an accepted language but one of our test bookings was made on Roomdi, a Spanish based company and the 'claim' was rejected and the language policy was mentioned as a reason. Sorry Spanish speakers... (on behalf of Hilton). The page and screen print was actually English - editors note.

The other qualifications you'd think would be easy to meet and we created no less than five different bookings, all the claims were denied for trivial reasons. We selected flexible rates with no cancellation penalties for obvious reasons, a room with two queen beds and all on a room only board basis via three different third party booking sites. What happens is that the room is decribed (the cheaper room on third party sites) as either 'Run Of House' or 'Double' which we argued could apply to practically any room in this hotel, specifically the Double Tree at the Gates of Universal in Orlando Florida because a run of house or double occupancy would be applicable to any room they physically have.

Initially Hilton said no as we'd booked a King Room, so we booked a basic Two Queen and that was denied because there is a view to Universal Studios - well of the multi-level at IOA / US car park at least but I guess that's still a view of Universal for some folks - again denied. Actually no matter what we did the best price guarantee was not accepted. It's not possible to book a cheaper room named exactly the same way as Hilton name the room and that is the catch, it's the way Hilton get away with having a consumer promise that can never be utilised. Here's the thing, the rate we would have paid will have a built in commission for the agent and Hilton will be receiving even less income from bookings of this nature.

It's not on, chains like Melia in Spain do guarantee the cheapest rate anywhere online and their prices are shown before you book, there's no need to claim but they'll honour it anyway if you do book someplace else. C'mon Hilton we at #tafr think you need to get your act together. Poor show.

Best Price Guarantee by Hilton, the answer is NO there isn't any guarantee by this hotel chain.
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